Plastic solid tubes

Plastic solid tubes

• Anupamplast has a large variety of non-perforated plastic supports with different surface for different end applications.

• Plastic cheese or cylinders are produced from special high impact strength polypropelyne material.

• Solid tubes and cheese tubes are available in different weights and dimensions as per requirement


  I.D. O.D. Length Weight
16mm Tube 16mm 22mm 171mm 32gms
32mm Tube 32mm 38mm 170mm 50gms
37mm Tube 37mm 43mm 170mm 56gms
38mm Tube 48mm 43mm 170mm 52gms
43mm Tube 43mm 48mm 170mm 55gms
43mm Tube 43mm 49mm 170mm 65gms
54mm Tube 64mm 60mm 170mm 88gms
54mm Bull noseTube 54mm / 43mm 60mm 170mm 88gms
59mm Bull noseTube 59mm / 54mm 64mm 170mm 84gms
55mm Tube 55mm 63mm 280mm 186gms
43mm Tube 43mm 51mm 290mm 178gms
54mm Tube 54mm 60mm 288mm 146gms
57mm Bull noseTube 45mm/ 57mm 64mm 288mm 159gms