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Welcome to Anupam Plastics & Allied Industries
since 1984

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Anupamplast was established in year 1984 and since then we are catering to the needs of modern textile industry. We are a plastic injection moulding company specialized in manufacturing of plastic yarn carriers for textile industry. Product range includes plastic supports and bobbins for spinning, winding, twisting, texturizing, yarn dyeing & carpet industry. While textiles remain core of our business, we also offer plastic injection moulded products for corrugated pipe industry and electrical industry.

Anupamplast works closely with its customer to understand their needs and provide cost effective solutions of plastic yarn carriers. We use modern injection moulding machines to produce consistent plastic yarn carriers and adopt environmental friendly manufacturing practices keeping sustainability in mind. We practice recycling methods that allow the reuse of plastic cones and dye tubes.

Anupamplast provides customers with different choice of raw materials from base polypropylene to modified compounded engineering polymers for different types of applications like cotton yarn dyeing or polyester yarn dyeing and strive to improve product performance at competitive prices.