Plastic Solid Cones

Plastic Solid Cones

• Anupamplast has a large variety of plain or non-perforated cones with different surface for different end applications.

• Plastic solid cones are produced from special high impact strength polypropelyne material.

• Solid cones are available in different conicity, weights and dimensions as per requirement.

• Available for single use yarn sale or multi use internal use applications.

Plastic Cones, Plastic Solid Cones
  Top I.D. Bottom I.D. Length Weight
2° cone 12mm 35mm 114mm 15gms
3°30” cone 17mm 46mm 172mm 37gms
4°20” cone 28mm 59mm 170mm 40gms
4°20” cone 28mm 59mm 170mm 52gms
4°20” cone 33mm 59mm 170mm 52gms
5°57” cone 28mm 68mm 170mm 55gms
5°57” cone 33mm 68mm 170mm 55gms
5®57” high grip cone 28mm 68mm 170mm 60gms
5°57” cone 21.5mm 57mm 170mm 44gms